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Heal Your Health Yourself(HYHY) is the world’s leading website and newsletter for the empowerment people to take charge of their own health in a wholistic way. Our mission is to supply the tools that can give EVERYONE the ability to lead a healthy, productive, happy and more balanced/blended lifestyle. To create a community where millions of health conscious people from all over the world come together in support and celebration of each other.

Please join HYHY on this magnificent journey to lead the life you have always dreamed of, the life you deserve.

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Featured Article/s:

‘Smoking’ Teeth = Poison Gas

By Daniel King

Gold fillings are called gold fillings because they are, well, made of gold. That’s pretty straight forward and honest.

Calling amalgam fillings ‘silver’ fillings is deceptive; they are in fact 50% mercury. The silver content is actually only approx. 22% which begs the question as to why they are not called ‘Mercury fillings’.
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How’s Your ~Vibrational~ Immune System

It’s flu season again, and advertisements promising a quick fix abound.

What these temporary remedies fail to address, however, is the underlying source of your health — your Vibrational Immune System (VIS).

Without maintaining and nourishing this energetic wellspring, your health will be consistently compromised, along with your capacity to create prosperity in all areas of your life.
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“Vitamin G” – A Missing Link to Optimum Health and Wellbeing

Like all living beings, humans are bioelectrical creatures. The brain, muscles, and heart are electrical organs, and the trillions of cells that make up our bodies are constantly transmitting and receiving energy as they carry out the biochemical processes that give us life.

As you might guess, health problems can occur when these electrical circuits begin to misfire. Malfunctions in heart’s circuitry, for example, may lead to an irregular heart rhythm, some of which can be deadly.

The Story of Earthing’s Discovery

Throughout history, humans have walked barefoot and slept on the ground–oblivious to the fact that the Earth’s surface continually sends a subtle electrical signal to the body that helps govern its systems.
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How to Reduce Heart Attacks by 88% for Free

October 31, 2012

Here’s one of the most important steps you can take to dramatically reduce your risk of heart attack and other types of heart disease: Donate blood!

That’s the advice that can be drawn by twonoteworthy studies published in 1998. Yet, most doctors still fail to tell their patients about the studies’ findings.

The two studies were published in the American Journal of Epidemiology and Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, respectively. Both of these publications are prestigious medical journals, yet the studies’ findings continue to be almost entirely ignored. Here’s what the studies found:
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How a ‘Crazy Idea’ Helps Millions Prosper

Professor Yunus used to walk by near-starving people, living in poor shantytowns, on his way to work.

Occasionally, he would stop and give them some spare change.

But then one day he did something better.
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Love Is The Answer

By Noah St John
October 3, 2012

There are only two ways to go through life: coming from Love and coming from Fear.

If you look around, it’s easy to come from Fear. That’s where most of the world is.

Because Fear simply means believing in “not enough” – the belief that there’s not enough money, not enough opportunity, not enough health, not enough love, not enough food, not enough water, not enough energy, not enough good people.

It’s easy to look at the world and believe in “not enough”. After all, much of the world’s population will sleep under a blanket of “not enough” tonight.
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How to Overcome Guilt and Shame and Raise Deservingness

By Perry Mardon
Sept 26, 2012

The mind is the most powerful tool that you have when it comes to personal success. When you choose to follow your heart’s path, go for what you love, seize that success, make that raise, or acquire the things you love, you are raising yourself to a higher level.

You are self actualising. Taking your deepest heartfelt desires and making them a reality. Fulfilling your purpose and potential. You are living your particular brand of ‘goodness’.

The sad thing is…
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Your Marriage: How to Move from Pain to Peace

By Mort Fertel
September 19, 2012

When it comes to your emotions, there’s a big difference between being in pain and true suffering. What’s the difference? And how does this relate to your marriage?

Let me illustrate with a story.

There once was a man who was sentenced to 25 years of backbreaking labour. His wrists were tied to the handle of a huge wheel that was inlaid in the wall. His job was to turn the wheel 10 hours a day.
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The Awakening of Purpose

By Paul Counsel
Sept 12, 2012

“If you know where you’re going, it’s easier to get there”, might seem like an obvious statement to make, but the fact is that life’s journey is seldom as obvious as you’d like it to be.

Not so many years ago, I was living without meaning and without a clear sense of purpose. There was an unspoken loneliness that I felt deeply but could not express in words.

My energies were dispersed among a series of seemingly unrelated and unimportant things because that’s the routine I had fallen into over the years.

I was living in outback Western Australia, barely surviving on the “work/stress, not enough time, not enough money treadmill”.
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The Art of Creating Powerful Intentions

By Thomas Herold
September 5, 2012

Intentions are indeed very powerful if they are created in the right way. There are a few basic rules you will want to understand, otherwise your intentions may simply evaporate, or even backfire.

By backfire, I mean they create just the opposite of what you wanted.

The Purpose of Making Intentions
We use intention to guide our attention in a new direction, in order to create a new or different reality.
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