5 Fears Killing Your Life’s Purpose

by Alan Hewitt on June 7, 2012

By Perry Mardon
June 7, 2012

Every single person on this planet has a purpose.

That purpose might be to be the best chess player in your local area, or it might be as profound as curing cancer.

In any instance, we all have a bit of purpose in our lives, something which has been etched directly onto our hearts.

That purpose is like an instruction manual – it tells us what we’re supposed to be doing, how we’re supposed to do it and so forth.

When we come into this world, that focus and that heart’s purpose is absolutely clear. We are then taught how to walk, how to talk, and how to compromise our heart’s purpose for the needs of others.

What is your heart’s purpose?

Think of your heart’s purpose like a huge block of marble. It is our foundation, and every interaction which does not strive toward that heart’s purpose is like obscuring the beauty of that marble under a bit of graffiti.

The purpose is still there, but it has been slightly marred. The conditioning, the habitual patterns, the should do’s and the must do’s, and the rational reasons why we can’t follow our life’s purpose each obscure your heart’s purpose a little bit, until finally it’s difficult to tell what’s underneath.

What do you desire?

What if you could wake up in the morning to have your purpose, your heart’s calling, be absolutely clear?

What if, based on that purpose, you could make the income of your dreams? What if you had relationships with people who excited you and supported you on your heart’s path? What if you had no regrets?

Taking control of your life isn’t something out of fantasy books.

There are people just like you and me who are making great strides within their field, people who followed certain techniques and are not only overcoming the barriers that stand in their way, but they’re obliterating them.

What is your destiny?

You are not destined to work in a job you hate, making substandard money, with relationships that bring you down. You are not destined to cover your life’s purpose under a sea of obligations.

Each one of us has talents. Some are good at artwork. Some are great at scuba diving. Some are dynamite at surfing (like I am). Are you capitalising on your personal strengths? These were given to us for very good reason through our heart’s purpose – and whether we recognise and follow that heart’s path dictates the quality of our personal lives.

How do you feel when you’re doing a job that you hate? What if you compounded that with coming home to someone who didn’t see your heart’s purpose and was destined to keep you shackled to that job? There are SO many people out there who do not use their inborn talents.

Where can your heart’s path take you?

When we start to honour our OWN heart’s path, we blossom and attract new and exciting things into our lives. Our self-esteem increases, and we get energised to wake up every single morning.

We become more confident and more attractive to others – and soar at what we do. Every aspect of our lives becomes more enjoyable when we follow our heart’s path.

A fulfilled life is one where we have followed the blueprints of our OWN heart’s path. The further we stray from this path, the less fulfilled we are… but, your heart’s path can be restored and polished to the shine which it had when you were born.

Only FEAR is stopping you

After years of learning about people, after years of removing the dirt and debris surrounding the pillar of life’s purpose, I can tell you that the biggest road block to living faithfully to yourself and to your heart’s purpose is FEAR.

Put quite simply, we FEAR taking that first step toward our heart’s purpose for many reasons. We FEAR our life’s purpose because it will ‘rock the boat.’ We FEAR capitalising on our strengths because we feel that we’re not good enough, we’re not smart enough, or we’re not up to the challenge.

We’re AFRAID of what we see in ourselves. These internal fears keep us from walking down the path that we NEED to stay alive.

Fear causes regrets. Fear prevents us from achieving our dreams. Fear is the giant roadblock, the personal mountain, the crazy lady at the grocery store.

No matter which analogy you prefer to use, fear is what stops you from doing those things, which are in tune with your heart’s path! That milestone of success is just up the road, and fear is what is stopping you from reaching your destination.

Fear can propel or hinder our activities. Fear keeps many people at their dead-end jobs. Fear keeps us from following our life’s purpose. Fear keeps us in our routines, routines which may not be beneficial toward our own internal needs.

While there are a nearly infinite number of fears, there are several common threads of fear, which stifle our true potential.

1. Fear of the unknown
The fear of the unknown developed from prehistoric times. We knew that if Ugg went into the darkness, there was a high possibility that he might not return to the tribe.

Most professions don’t have a body count, to be sure, but changing the parameters of our lives does present real fears of a slower death. What if I’m not able to provide for my family? What if I can’t do whatever I want to do? What if, what if?

2. Fear of change
The fear of change stems from the fear of the unknown. There is a certain comfort that comes with knowing that there is some stability. That comfort is like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night.

Why be cold when we can have our blanket and the fireplace? It might be proven that it’s indeed a better lifestyle after the change, but that tumultuous time between where we are now and where we want to be is usually quite uncomfortable.

3. Fear of success
We’ve seen what happens when someone becomes a success. We see them become a target of other people’s lifestyles and points of view. We’ve seen winning teams driven from their championship perch, only to discover the ‘real’ feelings of their fans.

And, in all honesty, we don’t want to go there. There are some people who wish to remain complacent, who are content with their lot in life, and who don’t want success because they’re scared of it.

4. Fear of failure
Fear of failure is the other side of the coin. While we are scared of being put on a pedestal, we don’t want to feel stupid. We don’t want to fail, so we don’t do anything. We don’t want people to realise that there is something that we can’t do, so we choose to be disruptive, or we choose not to do something.

5. Fear of criticism
As humans, we all want validation. We all want to know that we’re on the right path, and we all want to feel special. When we take on the risk involved with finding our heart’s purpose, we risk the opinions, thoughts, and criticisms of our peers.

We don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ at our company. We don’t want to present new ideas for fear of having the boss shoot them down. We don’t want to be told that we’re wrong and that nobody else in the world feels that way. Risking that self image becomes a stumbling block.

You are NOT alone
You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. You’re not broken. Finding your heart’s purpose isn’t some pie in the sky idea that’s left for the ‘other people’ to have. Your happiness and YOUR life’s purpose are sacred are vital to your survival.

Do you want to keep slowly killing yourself for something that isn’t in line with who YOU are, or do you want to know your heart’s purpose, your personal blueprint, and soar with the eagles?

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About the Author

Perry Mardon is renowned the world over for his gifted human insight. He has the unique ability to identify a person’s heart’s path, their counter-productive behaviours and beliefs quickly without a word being spoken.

Let Perry use his gift of human insight to help you identify your heart’s path and transform the subconscious blocks and limitations stopping you from living your heart’s path in any area of your life.

Perry can help you clearly understand and overcome, possibly for the first time in your life, the internal structures and patterns that have been undermining your highest life path.

Perry has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life including business royalty, mums and dads, professional sports people, SAS soldiers, drug addicts and career criminals.

Perry saves people many years of hard work by helping them truly understand what it is within them that limits their most fulfilling path. It’s Perry Mardon’s life mission to use his gift of human insight to help as many people as possible.

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