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“WOW!!!! Well, I have to admit, I was a little sceptical of this but here are my results.
Day 1, 11am, 14 reps, 11.15am, 10 reps
Day 2, 9am, 15 reps, Drink, 9.15am, 20 reps

And just out of curiosity, 15 mins later at 9.30am another set of reps and I managed 23!! Must admit, I’m totally thrilled with the results. Not able to do push ups due to recent shoulder surgery, I opted for crunches on the inverter. Also being one who is against these so called energy drinks because they are chocked full of caffeine, I am pleased that finally there is something that can assist me without having to worry about effects on the organs such as palpitations etc. This is definitely something I could utilise on a daily basis to get me through the day. Thank you for the trial, I would like to order a supply.”
Trisha NSW

I’ve tested the drink and did experience more energy. Doing pressup type exercise prior to taking the drink I did 43 then 5 minutes break then 27; After the drink 61, then a break then 78.” Juliet, QLD

“I swim just over 2000m three times a week and it is a mix of freestyle, backstroke and breast stroke. For the past two years my average time has been 54 mins +/- 1 minute. I have swum 52 mins. a couple of times and last time I pushed myself down to 51 mins. Today after taking the drink about 25 min before I did a time of a little under 49 minutes which was my target. Recovery afterwards was or is good.HB, QLD

“I run weekly sets of speed work and this week (after taking the drink) my first set took 7 seconds less than last week’s (1 min 35 this week, 1 min 42 last week). I run 5 of the sets and each one was quicker than last week – none by as much as the first one but each a couple of seconds and the last by 1 second.” Tracy, SA

“I regularly go to gym; I took the trial drink then and after about 15 mins only started to feel the effects of energy increasing; Then I did pilates-yoga-taichi for an 1 hour and was able to do without too much strain; then I went on cycling and walking. It seems to me that the energy lasted for about 6-8 hrs. GC, Vic

“I did 30 push ups before taking the energy drink, then 15 minutes after I managed to do 40. I normally train with heavy weights as I have just gone back to competing in ladies’ physique division after a 17 year break! Nadia, QLD

“Tried the drink as instructed and it made about a 30% difference from 31 to 44. Thank you for letting me be part of the trial it also seemed to boost my feeling of wellbeing which is not very scientific but I felt less tired after.”
Anne, ACT

Thanks for the trial… I am impressed. For my first set of push up I did 13/12. My next set I did 17 and an impressive 25! I then went on a 4 hour (power) bush walk. I felt good… so I did a few more pushup’s – 22! I went out for dinner (and a few wines) and before I went to bed I did 17! Today I struggled to get to 15.” Gemma, NSW

“I tried the product when i was at the gym, I chose wide grip pullups as my excercise. my first set i managed 10 reps and 15 mins after eating the drink powder. I managed 12 reps. I was impressed with the energy and stamina boost. Mark W, WA

“I suffer with an irregular heart beat “atrial fibrillation” this results in oxygen loss on exertion.I also selected chair sit ups as a rotator cuff repair restricts pushups. I established the bench mark one day after a 4K walk. 60 sit-ups in three minutes ten seconds. The next day after the same walk, as per procedure, I did 100 sit-ups in five minutes fifteen seconds, ending in the same state of leg exhaustion. At about three minutes I noticed a boost to leg energy which allowed me to continue another two minutes. Will be in touch with staff to consider supply of product for a few more tests.” Mike, QLD

“I have done the trial test as per instructions and result as follows: 1) pushups 25. 2) after 15 minutes, pushups 34, an increase of 36% which is great. John, NSW

“I woke up one morning feeling tired and lacking energy so I decided to mix the Max into my usual morning fruit juice + cocktail. I certainly found that I had heaps of energy right through the day to the point that I was still ticking along at 1.00am the following morning. I believe that ATP must have been responsible for at least part of that energy output.” Leigh, TAS

Want to try a FREE sample? Click here and pay just $4.95 for shipping, handling, insurance and an infopack.

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Ongoing ordering Options: There are monthly packs of 30 drinks and three options including shipping from NZ:

Normal Retail – one-off supply, NZ$148.50 or approx AU$123 (AU$4.10 each)

Wholesale – monthly autoship, cancel at any time NZ$123.50 or approx AU$103 (AU$3.43 each)

Loyalty – monthly autoship, 3 month commitment, cancel any time after that NZ$103.50 or approx AU$86 (AU$2.87 each)

It has a 30 day money back guarantee and to order, please call us on 1300 55 20 95 or order online here.


What is ATP?

A- ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is your body’s most basic form of energy. ATP is produced in every cell and is the means by which our cells, organs, and by extension, our bodies are powered. ATP needs many different compounds or elements to be produced. MaxATP™ was designed with your body’s energy needs in mind and provides a comprehensive list of elements needed for ATP production which helps to provide a more sustained and consistent supply of cellular energy.

How is MaxATP different from typical energy drinks?

A- Most energy drinks focus on short-term energy boosts by delivering harmfully high dosages of caffeine and other stimulants. MaxATP is the first of its kind Performance Drink that provides sustained energy for your mind and body. Only MaxATP contains RiboCeine™. Without Riboceine anything else is merely an energy drink.

How does MaxATP support glutathione production in the body?

A- MaxATP features RiboCeine™, which effectively protects and delivers cysteine to the cell, enabling your body to produce glutathione more efficiently. Cysteine is a critical element needed to produce glutathione and is often in short supply in the body. Since it is broken down so easily during digestion, RiboCeine ensures that cysteine reaches the cell intact—available for glutathione production.

Can I take MaxATP with MaxGXL™, Cellgevity™ and Max N-Fuze™?

A- MaxATP is designed to work synergistically with Cellgevity, MaxGXL and Max N-Fuze and can be taken together.

What is a flavanoid antioxidant?

A- Flavonoids are a large class of phytochemicals, also called polyphenols that are known to have health benefits due to their antioxidant activity. Anthocyanins, the pigments in colored fruits and vegetables are part of the flavonoid family.

What is an adaptogen?

A- Adaptogens are derived from herbs that are considered to increase the body’s ability to cope with stress, anxiety and fatigue. They are also considered to enhance performance and endurance.

Do I take MaxATP every day or only when I feel I need it?

A- It’s up to you. Many people take Cellgevity every day and MaxATP when they would like an extra boost.

Will everyone notice a difference when they take MaxATP?

A- Most people do notice a difference but MaxATP is not like a caffeine/sugar drink that boosts you up quickly and then drops you down. It is “energy on demand”. So, if you are well rested and not doing anything that expends energy, you are unlikely to notice anything. Also, if you have just eaten prior to taking MaxATP, you may not absorb the benefits as well. Finally, your body will use any extra nutrition where it decides it will give you the most benefit. Therefore, if it decides that it needs help with a health challenge (that you may or may not be aware of) rather than giving you extra energy, you may not experience much. This, however, is rare.

What’s the best way to get maximum benefit from MaxATP?

A- Follow these guidelines:
1) Mix in about 150ml of water and take 15 minutes before increased physical or mental exertion.
2) Take on an empty stomach.

ATP ingredients

What Athletes Are Saying…

“One of my secret weapons is MaxATP™. In my last Iron Man competitions, I took MaxATP in my transition between the bike race and the marathon. Those races were some of my best ever. I will always carry my MaxATP with me to a race!” Jared Preston, Iron Man

“A friend told me about a game-changing power boost for athletes. The next day, just before a 16 mile run, I tried MaxATP. I ran two minutes faster per mile over the last four miles with energy left over. My recovery was practically immediate. I have never experienced anything like MaxATP.” David Wells, Marathoner

“My first competition as a member of the Philippines National Team was a tournament where we played five games in one weekend. My last competition before that was a year and half ago in college. Max ATP was a miracle. It was energy released in the best way possible including mental clarity. I never expected that. I thought MaxATP was going to be like other energy drinks, where my energy jumped up and then quickly dropped down. In no way could it ever help me the entire 90 minutes of a soccer game. Before Max, my body would grow tired and begin shutting down and mental focus would fade. I had trouble making it through a couple of games, but I played in all five games of this tournament. I kept thinking there is no way I will keep up with these other girls, but I did.” Heather Cooke, Philippines National Soccer Team

“For more than 25 years I have been racing bicycles at the professional level. I am 56 years old, still competing and even winning against riders half my age. The evidence for me was more energy and a dramatic ability to recuperate after a race. I took my riding to another level which was simply not happening before MaxATP.” Dr. Luis Fuentes, Cyclist

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