How a ‘Crazy Idea’ Helps Millions Prosper

by Alan Hewitt on October 17, 2012

Professor Yunus used to walk by near-starving people, living in poor shantytowns, on his way to work.

Occasionally, he would stop and give them some spare change.

But then one day he did something better.

He looked one of these brave souls in the eye and asked: “What do you really need?”

The lady explained she needed a loan, at a fair rate, to get supplies for her small home-run business. This funding would mean she didn’t have to rely on the loan sharks….who lent money at blood-sucking rates.

On further investigation, Professor Yunus found that there were millions of people in the very same situation.

Struggling to get ahead, and vulnerable to loan sharks…but also in a genuine position to improve their lives through a ‘micro business’….with the right assistance.

He approached the major banks to help with loan finance, but what do you think they said?

“No way! We won’t lend these people money. They are too high risk.”

So Professor Yunus set up his own bank that did lend them money… the Grameen (Village) Bank.

That was in 1976. Today, his bank has lent over $7.6 billion to these inspiring people to start their own businesses… with an amazing 98% payback rate!

Imagine the difference this makes to the life of a small family…who can then afford to put nourishing food on the table for their children.

That’s a Game Changing impact felt millions of times over, each and every year – all from one simple idea!

Alan, it’s amazing what one idea can accomplish…when followed with massive action.

What game changing impact could you make in the world if you had an inspired idea…and the tools to make it happen?

What sort of wealth could you create for yourself and others?

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Professor Yunus isn’t alone in his compassionate efforts to make the world a better place.

Take Maha, for example. Maha was born into poverty, in war-torn village in Malaysia. He was one of seven children.

His dad was a prisoner of war and his mother had trouble feeding the family at times.

But, Maha used this time of grinding poverty to fuel his determination to achieve something great. Maha dreamed of building a new Australian city that people thrived in… where there was a strong focus on healthy living, education and lifestyle.

After years of perseverance he’s built this city. And it’s gone on to win international awards… and Greater Springfield in Qld is now home to over 23,000 people.

Now Maha Sinnathamby is in the BRW Rich List, with over $809 Million in wealth.

How did he do this? One of the key secrets to his success was the power of focus. Think on this. Light by itself is just light. But light focussed intensely becomes a laser that can cut through steel.

Likewise, if you focus on something intently, and don’t deviate, you have massive power. You can accomplish almost anything.

Some people mistakenly believe that they, as one person, can’t make a real difference, but Maha proves that is dead wrong.

“Take up one idea. Make that idea your life – think of it, dream of it and live on that idea,” Maha says. “Let every part of your body be full of that idea and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, and this is the way great giants are made.”

This ‘Power of One’ principle is how Maha built a city. It’s how Professor Yunus has helped millions out of poverty. And it’s how you too can achieve your goals, too.

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