How to Live a Pain Free Life

by Alan Hewitt on April 16, 2012

By Nicky Arthur
May 16th, 2012“The ultimate destination of human life is Self-Realisation”

From my perspective, healing the body is a continuous daily practice. Using meditation, yoga and nutritional therapy is part of my practice and in the last 3 years of my life I have committed to this as a daily practice and have received many benefits and rewards such as: 

  • Giving up the need for alcohol
  • Increased vitality
  • Leaner body
  • Pain free body
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Increased self esteem and confidence
  • Less moodiness
  • Calmer and able to cope better under pressure
  • Unlimited supply of energy
  • Interconnectedness between the mind body and soul
  • Increased self awareness

Keeping up with the pace in today’s rapidly changing world is a challenge in itself not to mention financial and relationship pressures which can create higher levels of stress known as cortisol levels resulting in poor health.
We have heard the saying, ‘If you don’t have great health, what have you got?”

But how seriously do you take your health, your physical body? I see and treat the body as a temple, and it is your responsibility to look after your temple in the best way you can.

The physical body can live in perfect harmony and balance but there are certain obstacles we have to overcome and be open to learn about and accept in order to live a pain free life.

For many, the challenge in this day and age is getting caught up in living a life that is often not aligned with their core values, passions and dreams. Many fall into a job they are not happy with, or settle for second best. Some also may not believe that they can achieve their dream life, and follow their true passions.

Research shows happy people are more successful, have better loving relationships and live longer. Many people hold emotions in the physical body, causing tightness and stress.

I only need to look at some of my yoga students and can tell who is living a pain free blissful life and those who are struggling with emotional stress.

Living a pain free life with equilibrium is known as the path to enlightenment or in yoga terms ‘Samadhi’; the union with the Divine.

Masters like the Buddha said it is the end of all suffering.
When you look at the majority of people in the western world, many have spent the first 30 years exploring their passions, career, finding love, creating a family life, all of which can present obstacles and considerable stress.

You cannot achieve a life without problems, however the yoga psychology teaches a systemised path, the realisation of the divine, and there are many obstacles to overcome to clear this path and live the life you dream and deserve.

‘You feel what you are feeling’

One of the easiest ways to find out if you are living your ideal life with a pain-free body is to ask yourself the question: Are you living authentically?

Most people continue on their journey of life with no clear destination in mind. Imagine what your ideal pain-free life would look and feel like. This is a life so consistent with your strengths, passions, and purpose that it defines the real you.

To buff and polish your mind and body you must take the necessary steps to become responsible for you: what goes into your mouth, what you do to your physical body and what you allow to enter your mind.

You must embrace self-talk, whether it be positive or negative, and create a whole new belief system.

“Miracles happen to those who believe in them” – Bernard Bereson

A pure mind has a great impact on creating purity in the body. This is the time to buff and polish your mind and body and help transform your life so you can live on your terms, the dream life you desire in a pain free body.

Transforming your life can take time and effort, an open mind and heart will help you on your path. Creating an open mind in itself can be a challenge for many, and by following the thread or path to enlightenment you commit to doing your self-work.

What work you do on your mind and body today, affects the future you create. So in theory where you are today, you have created it.

How does your body feel; are you tired, largargic, stressed, bored, irritated, disappointed, worried or angry? Do our harbour hate, envy, guilt, despair or fear?

All of these emotions put you below the line, in a negative state. To feel and live a more enlightened life the aim is to be aware of your thoughts and your emotions, and strive to be above the line, in a positive uplifting mindset, where you experience an unlimited supply of love, gratitude, joy, excitement, hope, satisfaction and fulfilment.

Moving from a ‘Fixed Mindset’ to a ‘Growth Mindset’ can help heal your body.

A Fixed Mindset leads to believing nothing can be changed, including personality, intelligence and relationships.

A Growth Mindset is one marked with the knowledge that people can change, and that new ways of being and relating are always achievable.

Adopting a Growth Mindset can have a greater impact than you may think and assist in moving towards a ‘new and improved you’.

Yoga and meditation have been said to be the oldest known science of physical and mental self-development, and are work on the principles of caring for the body under mastering the intelligent control of the mind.

Thousands of years ago Yogis recognised that the positive and negative currents within the human mind, body and spirit can be mastered and controlled, allowing the human body to make a lively energy creating balance, so one can live in perfect health and harmony.

If the mind becomes toxic through thought and negative emotion, the physical body responds to that energy and the cells in your body are affected.

Recent research shows us that the brain and cells are integrated and affected through thought and energy.

The physical body is made up of water, so what you are feeling can flourish throughout the water, effecting cells and creating energy in return. In effect if the mind becomes in a low state for a long period of time this can play havoc on your health or even cause you to slip into depression.

Practising meditation can help reprogram your mind and heal the body. By creating awareness and a conscious mind, you become aware of thought and energy each day.

Patanjali who wrote the Yoga Sutras, which literally means thread, the pathway to enlightenment and realisation of the divine, explains the obstacles that hold people back from living in perfect health, harmony and in a pain free body.

The five sutras or obstacles:

  • Ignorance or unreal cognition
  • Egoism
  • Excessive attachment to pleasurable things
  • Excessive aversion or hatred
  • Fear of death

But how do we rid ourselves of the five obstacles and clear the path to a pain free body?
Patanjali created ethical, moral observations, Restraints to create inner integrity of how we can live feely with others to help create a pain free body.

  • Non-violence and non-harming to any living creature. This creates compassionate living, as true non-violence is a state of mind and heart.
  • Truthfulness in mind, word and action. Considered to be the highest law of morality
  • Non-stealing, to free ourselves from possessiveness and envy
  • Abstinence and the practice of moderation in all things
  • Non-greed in order to simplify by adopting and attitude of generosity and non-hoarding
  • Purity and cleanliness of mind, body, heart and environment
  • Cultivation of inner contentment, in order not to hold others responsible for our happiness.

So comes the mind creating energy in our body.

Many people have tension building up in the body as a result of lack of awareness to thought and action, and many are living life on autopilot. Awareness of your thoughts is the secret to healing your body and your life.

Ask yourself: what do you think when you step out of your bed each day? By starting off your day in meditation will help create the supreme state of pure bliss in the mind and body, cleansing your mind and body before you step out into the fast-paced world.

Research also shows us that by getting the brain in an “Alpha State” there comes many benefits. Relaxation is crucial, but many defer relaxation and continue their business, missing out on crucial down-time.

Living life chasing your tail will always feel like you are chasing and not getting anywhere. When one stops and commits to meditation and relaxation in daily life, doors open, happiness and creativity can flow.

Aligning your energy system and the meridian lines in your body can help align and heal your body. Time to put a stop to the bombarding life-style of stress, tension and dis-ease. When stress is in the body we tend to hold our breath, clench our jaw, frown, tighten muscles.

Consistent tightening of muscles can drain energy, causing fatigue. As a result you can experience spinal damage, lower immunity, headaches, poor digestion, heart problems and other stress- related illness.

If you quietly become aware of when the physical body gives you a sign of ill health, even the smallest of signs like a mouth ulcer, cold sore, skin rash or breakout can allow you to nip any poor health choices in the bud.

It’s your time to shine within and unleash unlimited energy and happiness. This is easier said than done, if your brain has been programmed for many months or even years to practise the same old habits over and over again it can be difficult to break the mould.

If you want to create a change in your body and life, it starts with you, and that means cleaning up your nutrition and habits.


Nicky’s online 10-Week Mind and Body Transformation program will help change some of the habitual patterns you may not even be aware of that have been created over the years of living a busy life style.

Healthy Mental, Physical and Spiritual work increases happiness, vitality and fulfilment.

In the 10-Week Mind and Body Transformation program Nicky covers all three.

Sign up today for $97 (normally $119.50, save $22.50!) and get online support advice on nutrition, grocery lists, recipes, mindset videos and exercises to help re-program the mind, meditation and 10 online Yoga and core strength workouts to do in the luxury of your own home.

About the Author

Nicky Arthur is an author, yoga teacher, workshop presenter and online coach.

Author of ‘
How to be a Happier Mum’, a book based on her personal journey as a mother, Nicky is also a regular blogger and newspaper and magazine contributor and about to publish her second book later this year.

Nicky travels Australia presenting practical workshops to inspire people to live healthier happy and fulfilled lives. The workshops focus on having a positive mindset, balance in your life, goal setting, nutrition and meditation.

Nicky is a qualified yoga instructor and has spent many years studying meditation, exercise, nutrition and self-development.

Her career began in New Zealand where she successfully owned and operated hair and beauty salons before becoming a mum to two beautiful and energetic daughters.

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