How’s Your ~Vibrational~ Immune System

by Alan Hewitt on April 24, 2013

It’s flu season again, and advertisements promising a quick fix abound.

What these temporary remedies fail to address, however, is the underlying source of your health — your Vibrational Immune System (VIS).

Without maintaining and nourishing this energetic wellspring, your health will be consistently compromised, along with your capacity to create prosperity in all areas of your life.

Our blossoming Essence must learn to rise above the world of density in which it dwells. The gravity of internal and external forces that keep human consciousness in a state of ineffective complacency comes in many forms.

Lowering our VIS keeps our attention focused on mere physical survival and recovery, while the greater purpose of shifting human consciousness remains uncultivated.

So what lowers our Vibrational Immune Systems?

Fear of all kinds is at the top of the list:

From news reports of epidemics and war, to less subtle forms like flu shot advertisements.

The first step to becoming immune to these external sources of fear is to pay attention to how your body responds when you are exposed to such energetic bacteria. Then become a master of non-reactivity.

We are not called to spend our precious energy on getting emotionally reactive to the fact that fear-based propaganda exists.

In fact, remaining in a state of emotional reactivity is a sure way to drop your VIS.

Whether you catch a glimpse of a newspaper headline belching about bombings, or you’re caught in the crossfire of your children’s daily squabbles, all situations that push your buttons can lower your VIS.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to “rise above” whatever the current trigger is and move on, because our bodies keep meticulous cellular records, and challenges of like nature will continue to arise until we shift our internal perspectives.

All beliefs and situations that dis-empower your creative Essence also negatively impact your VIS.

* This includes staying in unhealthy relationships or seeking a person who will complete what we perceive to be lacking in ourselves.

* Not recognising our value or becoming a victim of the crippling comparisons to celebrity images weakens our VIS.

* Believing that our spiritual connection to divine source must be channeled through someone else,


* Not realising our identity as a manifestation of the divine are powerful ways that our VIS is kept hostage in the world of density.

Such limiting beliefs actually serve as food for the very illnesses we try to cure with pharmaceutical injections and pills.

Are there ways that we ourselves actually indulge in lowering our VIS?

Sometimes, we have a puzzling hunger to seek out situations and people that upset us in minor but consistent ways. It could be a media addiction or calling a critical, fearful friend who we know will give us a big dose of drama.

Or we maintain a constant state of busy-ness to mask the signal that our VIS is weakened.

This often unconscious self-sabotage prevents us from showing up fully in our lives because we are afraid of our success, our light.

We are called as BraveHeart Women* to take responsibility for the ways in which we contribute to lowering our Vibrational Immune Systems and actively participate in our journey of creating prosperity.

First, recognise the cues in our bodies and minds: swollen glands, lower back pain, anxiety, craving coffee, feeling hunger when our bodies don’t actually require nourishment, the need to commiserate, exaggerated wrinkles on the forehead, and any other sensation that creates dis-ease.

Next, identify external and internal sources of fear, conflicting purposes and limiting beliefs.

Then, practice the art of remaining in a state of joyous neutrality, no matter the circumstance.

Resist the temptation to judge things as good or bad. Resist the urge to react in emotion, and instead choose to respond in your Essence.

Then, our Vibrational Immune Systems will thrive, giving us abundant energy to accomplish our personal, professional and global purposes.

* About BraveHeart Women

BraveHeart Women is an established global community of 400,000+. The community is now a grass roots movement that has recently arrived in Australia with Sydney having the first Resonate Chapter.

It is empowering women to Be more, Create more and Collaborate more with tools that assist them to:

* Blossom, Grow and Evolve Personally

* Succeed Professionally and Create Prosperity

* Collaborate Locally and Globally with other Visionary Women and Leaders

* Let Go of Obsolete Evolutionary Behaviours

* Find the perfect remedy for the adrenaline-fueled world we live in

The Vision of BraveHeart Women Global Community is to bring together an ever expanding circle of women who are called to:

* To Be a Blossoming expression of who we are is our personal purpose

* To Create Prosperity while embracing ease is our professional purpose

* To Collaborate Harmoniously is our global purpose

The essence of the Resonate Chapters will be far more than networking, goal setting or positive thinking. Women will receive tools, knowledge and insight to support them in shifting from survival patterns of fight, flight and freeze, which activate adrenaline and keep us stuck in overwhelming density, to a space where they can fully blossom into their calling.

Upcoming BraveHeart Women Australian Event

The Female Success Model Advanced
Sydney, 27th June – 30th June 2013

The BraveHeart Women Global community presents: the Female Success Model Advanced – A 4 day experience designed and created especially for women.

A combination of scientific, intuitive and entrepreneurial methods and exercises that allow women to blossom into their Soul’s Highest Expression.

Recognise your default surviving pattern and realise how it’s blocking you from thriving.

Bring your voice and your purpose from a place of repression into a state of full expression.

Learn to embody feminine energy and access masculine energy in a perfect harmonic way in order to create results and manifest intentions with more ease.

Learn why the adrenalin based formula of positive thinking and overcoming your fears does not work for a woman’s body and why it causes physiological and mental overwhelm.

Discover why you feel burned out. Learn to undo the cycle of adrenal burnout and understand how to stop operating from the survival states of fight, flight and freeze.

Learn about the female consciousness and how collaborating with women is the way of the future both professionally and globally.

Bring more passion, joy and peace to your life by learning simple yet effective tools that can insure you don’t go backward or even plateau once you leave this amazing experience designed especially for women.

Learn about your Abundance Quotient by discovering your Personal, Professional and Global Purpose.

Register now for this amazing 4 day experience

For further information, email Karen Chaston

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