LiveCast – The REAL Truth About Your Body’s Acid/Alkaline Balance – with Paul Counsel


This LiveCast has ended. You can now watch the replay below. (See under the video for feedback about this LiveCast.)

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Feedback about this LiveCast:

Mike_B: Great lecture!

Guest599: Thanks Paul and Alan for putting this on

Alexandra Delien: Thanks Paul, deeply informative and practical

Steven Mitchelhill: Yes thanks. This has been a real eye opener for me.

Kim: Thank you, very informative…

Guest360: Thank you Paul for a great informative talk. And thanks Alan for facilitating it.

Michael Papp: This is brilliant. will it be available on YouTube?

Guest242: FYI I have type 1 diabetes and am now 2 years insulin free, all by keeping my body alkaline 🙂 this stuff really works

Guest513: WOW!! this is so informative.brilliant opening for us understand our body. Alan I Thank you for this.

Olga Zaharieva: Great presentation and thank you for answering our questions !!

Guest9: Thank you Paul and Alan, this has been a fantastic class … much appreciated.

Steven Mitchelhill: Thanks again for answering our questions. It has been a great session.

Guest179: Thankyou very much fascinating stuff

Guest6: Brilliant! Thank you so much.

Guest41: Fantastic webinar

Guest746: Many thanks to you both

Guest441: Thank you Paul and Alan – very informative.


Dean Rhodes: I hope this will be available as a recording because I missed the 1st 30 mins due to confusing log in instructions. I hope you will include the Q&A because from what I did see, the whole LiveCast has been of immense value. Fingers crossed that it can be done.

Guest9: Now that point on residual ash was absolutely enlightening!!!!

Guest599: THANK YOU BRILLIANT!!! xxx

Mike_B: Thanks so much Alan and Paul.

Guest480: Thank you very much

Guest116: Thank you, that was really great!

Lisa Pienaar: Thank you its great to hear the more scientific side. I have already read the well known book but that really enlarged on the basic information i had. Thanks again

Guest839: Thank you Paul and Alan. It was very informative and well presented. I hope you do more of these talks soon. I’m interested to know more about the structure of water and its effects.

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