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Jane Dobbs, Nurse, Perth, WA
I am a nurse aged 30, living away from home, I am from the UK and living in Perth. I was drawn to the programme because I was looking for a way to get ‘quiet’ and listen to my soul speak amongst many other more day to day reasons such as stress release, focus, weight loss, better sleep, be more alert.

Since starting the programme I have found myself to sleep better and have greater focus, I have found myself being proactive in taking control of minor ailments by getting them checked out and sorted out, and starting clinical pilates, I find I can now see more than ever before that everyone is just trying to live their life the best way they know how, I can step back easier now like I used to when I was a child and see how things are running their course and sometimes I can see the many possible conclusions to interactions before they happen.
I have taken control back of myself and am aware when I give my personal power away at times so I do it less and less. I am generally less stressed and so when I do get annoyed I notice it and kind of watch myself go through it. I realise emotions are not always what they seem to be at face value and that I can now often see behind the rage into fear and insecurities and behind the bitterness into sorrow. I see again that everyone acts due to their own circumstances and are truly good regardless of how they appear.
I have also become more outgoing and others have said I have changed in a good way but I haven’t – I just didnt have the confidence to express who I was before. I am learning to live in the moment. I still haven’t decided if I am going to change my career or if I’m staying in Australia but I keep listening to the Holosync programme and know now the answers will not come out of stress or the root cause – fear, but they will come from getting quiet and listening – and I’m learning answers don’t come in my time, they come at the right time! Not sure it is relevant but I am on Awakening Level 1, first CD. I also have a painful shoulder at present and have mainly listening to the meditations laid down and often do fall asleep but it still seems to be doing something!
“I am keen to see what will happen next”Tracey Bissi, Admin Officer, Coromandel Valley, SA

I bought the program in July when I was going through the initial stages of a marriage breakup, I don’t really know what I was looking for but meditation was suggested. I started looking on the web and came across Holosync and ordered the free CD. I was amazed at how relaxed I was after listening to the sample and couldn’t wait to get the ‘real thing’.
I have been using the Awakening for about 4 months now most days and look forward to listening. I have noticed changes in myself, I sleep every night, all night even when going through the emotional break up. Things that go wrong worry me less. I have alway enjoyed my own company, but I feel more social and want to be with people more. I find myself to be more thoughtful of others, remembering special events of others. I will start the level 1 in the new year but still find the Awakening [Prologue] powerful enough. I am keen to see what will happen next.“The results speak for themselves” Scott Smith, 38, TAS

I’ve been using the Awakening Prologue for 5 months. My issues basically stemmed from substance abuse & anxiety. I was guided towards meditation, but found traditional meditation hard to do & to want to keep doing. Then I discovered Holosync. The results speak for themselves. No more substance abuse, my focus & concentration improved very early in the program, decisions became easier to make, felt more centred & able to let go, reduced tension in my body & I can connect with the world & people more. This all occured during a very stressful period in my life, where I have made alot of changes in my personal life. It hasn’t all been easy, there has been alot of upheavel, release & dealing with my past, so I just backed off from the program a little when this occurs. The thing is though I keep going back, because I learn more about myself & life & most of all because I want to. The support letters & support team are excellent & are filled with great easy to use principles & strategies. I look forward to & really enjoy my meditations & I know I’m going to get results from them. I would recommend Holosync to anybody if it’s personal growth they’re after.

“It just seems as though everything is so much clearer”

Matt Stephenson, Sales, Windang, NSW
I am 40 years old, married and have 2 kids 10 and 13. I have been using holosyc for about 6 months and have noticed I can now focus on and complete certain tasks I would have normally put off until another time, like NEVER.

The program has made my life a lot less stressed for I no longer worry about things that I have no control over. It just seems as though everything is so much clearer and I am in total control of where I am heading. I would say to anybody thinking about the program… Give it a go!

“I would recommend to anyone to give it [a] go”

Paul Mahagan, Construction, Mandurah, WA
Hi, my name is Paul, a 49 year old construction tradesman. My life fell into a hole after a very traumatic event in my life 3 and a half years ago.

I have always been strong willed and fairly successful, but this event changed everything and things gradually got worse and worse. I’d often considered meditation but everytime I tried it seemed too hard and I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to get anywhere with it. I stumbled across your web site one evening, after hitting rock bottom and considering suicide!! and thought, ‘why not give this one a try’!!

Being a very sceptical person, I trod very carefully, but wanted or needed to see if anything could help me!
I am now into the 3rd week of level 1, and I won’t lie that its been an easy ride, but something has definitely worked and pulled me back towards my old world. I hadn’t slept properly for that 3 years and spent endless nights awake and suffering the next morning, I now sleep a lot better and when I do wake up, I can, most of the time, get back off to sleep.
My mind thinks clearer and decision making is back to my old positive self. Lately with the stock market crash and the doom and gloom that went with it, I have been the one telling everyone else ”not to worry, worrying wont change or help anybody”.
I dont see my listening session as a chore any more, as was the case in the begining, but rather ”my relaxation time of day”. For those who will be saying, ”I never have any spare time”, think carefully about your day and how many times you spend wasting time watching a cruddy TV show, then wondering at the end of it, why you bothered wasting the last hour doing so?All in all, I would recommend to anyone to give it [a] go, I have told a few people about it and recommended it to them.Thanks for your help,
“There is no limit on what I would have paid to be feeling the way I do today”

Suzy Lanzon, Education Consultant, Toowong, QLD
The reason I haven’t yet given any feedback about Holosync is that I doubt I could ever describe in words what has happened to me over the past 5 months that readers who have never met me would not look at and say ‘that can’t be real – did she get paid to write that?’

If this program was $50 000, I would find the money. Actually, there is no limit on what I would have paid to be feeling the way I do today, and have felt every day for about the past 3 months. I always figured it wouldn’t work – so I could just get my money back if Bill Harris was just a big con artist. 5 months in and I am seeing glimpses of the person who I am meant to be.

I started the program because I knew that there was so much more I was supposed to be but I couldn’t quite get there. I’ve always been a go-er and had just finished doing voluntary work in Africa for 18 months. I was questioning my place in that role and feeling confused and disillusioned. I had travelled a lot and no longer felt ‘home’ regardless of the country I was in.

It’s not as if I was always depressed or lost or not achieving great things in my life. I was…but now I have control over my goals, my every day tasks and my emotions. It’s like I’ve woken up from a long sleep. I jump out of bed every morning with the strongest will to embrace every moment of the day that the smile on my face shines even when disappointments are thrown at me. I just know that everything is OK and that I am OK and that I am destined to achieve some great things. Working towards them is my purpose and happiness is with me every day.

My sister who is reluctant to try all those ‘airy fairy’ things her big sister does is almost ready to start. She has seen me grow and change and as soon as she realises that she is worth the effort (which is a difficult lesson to learn before you are using the program!) she will begin too. I can’t wait to see her get off anti-depressants and join me in my new found world.

So, I put this into words knowing that it’s just a testimonial and that the readers of my innermost thoughts about Holosync have not met me but there’s this feeling of compassion in me that makes me want for everyone to be given the opportunity I’ve had – and even more importantly, I’m going to get a free book!

“[Gave] up using cannibas after using daily since my teens”

Amanda McCarthy, Retired, Eumundi, QLD
I would like to thank you for all of your support. I’ve been meaning to send you a note for a long time. The results I have received are quite amazing. Firstly I was brave enough to give up using cannibas after using daily since my teens (I’m now 50). I found I was looking forward to meditating more than having a joint. Needless to say this is a incredible result and I feel that persons with drug addictions can certainly receive great results.

Apart from this major breakthrough, I’m a much calmer, happier, and more confident person. I even look younger.

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