Nature’s Invisible Secret Healer

by Alan Hewitt on June 20, 2012

By Joshua Shaw
June 20, 2012

It’s surprising that something so tiny that it exists only at a sub-atomic level is vital to your health, and the health of all living things.

Unfortunately modern urban living severely depletes this essential ingredient, threatening our well-being.

Have you ever wondered why taking yourself to the seaside, the mountains or a spot by a tumbling waterfall “magically” relaxes your spirit, cures the blues and imparts a general sense of well-being?

The answer is the small negative air ion, the “invisible essential secret” to life. These minute electrically-charged particles are inhaled from the atmosphere and flow through our bodies to restore nature’s balance.

You might wonder how minute changes in electrical flow could affect your health. But our bodies are not mere chemical factories. Every cell is electrically charged and brain function, in particular, relies as much on correct electrical signals as it does on chemical transfers.

So the “power grid” in your body is not just an important health factor, it is vital to existence.

What are Ions?

Ion is the term for an atom or molecule that has lost or gained an electron. A positive ion has lost an electron, a negative ion has gained one. This exchange of electrons is happening around us all the time, caused by movements of air and water, ultraviolet light and normal background radiation from the earth’s crust.

The air we breathe should contain nature’s original balance of ions – about five positive to four negative. But the air in our homes, workplaces and city streets is far from ideal.

Pollution, air conditioning, electrical fields from various devices and vapours given off by synthetic materials severely deplete negative air ions, leaving an imbalance in the atmosphere.

Essential to Wellbeing

An important point to note is that ions occur in different sizes, and it’s only the smallest negative ions of oxygen that can enter the bloodstream through the lungs.

As long ago as the 1930s science recognised that small negative ions are essential to health. Reduce the supply, giving positive ions the upper hand, and living creatures first become agitated, then lethargic and ill, as laboratory tests over decades in many different countries have demonstrated.

In the 1950s separate research programs in the USA, Israel and the former Soviet Union demonstrated that, in an atmosphere depleted of small negative ions, bacteria flourished, laboratory animals became lethargic and developed illnesses, and humans became irritable, argumentative and depressed.

An atmosphere completely devoid of negative ions will actually result in the death of laboratory animals, as scientists in the former USSR discovered.

Serotonin Levels in the Brain

The late Dr Albert P. Krueger, Emeritus Lecturer in Medicine at Berkley University (California) conducted many years’ research into ions.

We later became friends due to our common interest in ions. His early studies revealed that air ions have a measurable effect on plant growth and on the respiratory function of animals.

His experiments with mice injected with a flu virus showed that a lack of negative ions lowers resistance to infection, while later research on rats, rabbits and humans demonstrated that the air ion balance influences levels of the stress and mood hormone, serotonin, in the brain.

The presence of small negative ions was seen to exert ‘a powerful normalising influence’ on serotonin levels.

When nature produces these effects we can all observe the results. Hot dry winds, such as the Sharav of Israel, the Sirocco around the Mediterranean or the Northerlies of Melbourne, make many weather-sensitive people irritable and depressed as the air becomes overloaded with positive ions.

You may have noticed that just before a thunderstorm, when the air is thick with positive ions, many of us will feel tired, irritable and sick. When moisture-laden sea breezes blow or the thunderstorm has passed, the air is once again rich with small negative ions and our sense of well-being is restored.

Dr Felix Sulman of Jerusalem University conducted his ion research on adult subjects of various ages.

When enclosed for an hour in an atmosphere high in positive ions, his subjects became irritable and fatigued. Confined for the same period in a room where the air was rich in negative ions, the same people registered brainwave patterns showing increased alertness and an absence of tension.

When their work function and alertness were tested, all scored significantly higher during exposure to negative ions, and even for some time afterward.

Dr Sulman’s work with weather sensitive volunteers showed that, when the Sharav winds blew, their bodies produced up to ten times the normal level of serotonin.

He concluded that they were being poisoned by their own serotonin, causing migraines, hot flushes, irritability, chest pains, worsening of bronchial complaints and feelings of anxiety and tension.

His research also showed that exposure to excess positive ions can trigger an over-production of histamine, the chemical that triggers allergic reactions.

Destroying Airborne Bacteria

Breathing in an abundance of small negative ions can do wonders for physical health – speeding up healing, promoting restful sleep, bringing great relief to sufferers of asthma, hay fever, allergies and skin complaints.

In addition, negative ions actually kill airborne viruses and bacteria before they reach your body, as recently shown by engineers from the University of Leeds, England, in studies carried out at the Intensive Care unit of St James Hospital (UK).

It was found that ionisers placed in the ICU significantly reduced infections, always a major problem for hospitals, by actually removing the highly resistant aceinetobacter bacteria and others from the air.

In addition, foreign substances such as pollen, smoke, dust and mould spores are captured and neutralised by negative ions.

It was in the 1960s that I recognised the healing potential of small negative oxygen ions and set out to develop a machine that would produce a reliable supply of this vital air component.

Previous to this, ionisers were unreliable, producing mostly large ions which clean the air but cannot be absorbed by the body. Also, the early ionisers mimicked the earth’s radiation by utilising isotopes, so were banned as unsafe.

To produce the elusive small negative oxygen ion by mechanical means was a challenge that at times seemed insurmountable.

The Invention of Elanra

The advances in microprocessing that brought us mobile phones and home computers enabled the development of the Elanra ioniser, the world’s first and only therapeutic ioniser.

My company, Bionic Products, has been at the forefront of ion research and development for 45 years. The Elanra holds world-wide patents and is registered as a medical device. Its tabletop and portable models are sold internationally.

Fully programmable, the tabletop Mkll offers a range of 144 different programs and the Portable has a potential 32 individual settings.

The man known world-wide as ‘the father of electromedicine’ was the late Dr Bob Beck, the inventor of the electronic zapper (now called the Hulda Clark zapper). This invention uses low voltage current to destroy pathogens within the body and is only one of Dr Beck’s many impressive achievements.

He came across Elanra ionisers at an exposition in the USA, bought one, and was so impressed with the results that he wrote to me praising my invention. He has also written articles in support of Elanra as the world’s best ioniser and personally owned several units.

I have always believed that the body will strive to heal itself and our immune systems only need the right conditions in which to work properly.

I sponsored research at La Trobe University in Melbourne which demonstrated that Elanra’s tiny negative ions boost the production of Immunoglobulin-A, providing the human immune system with extra power to fight off illness and infection.

These results demonstrate that ionisation is not a ‘magic bullet’ that cures illness but is a natural effective way to stimulate the body’s own defence system to function at the optimal level.

Treating Various Health Problems

A few years ago I also commissioned Dr Diana Oldberg of Osborne International to gauge the effectiveness of Elanra ionisers in the real world. She contacted all those who had purchased one or more units to treat various problems. Over 970 people responded.

Her report makes interesting reading, showing that 92% of Elanra users said their health had improved. Many told of recovery from asthma, chronic sinus congestion and allergies, while 93% noted an improvement in immunity which had reduced the incidence of colds and flu in their household.

Ninety percent of Elanra owners surveyed said their quality of sleep was much improved and the majority had noticed better concentration and less stress overall.

This formal research was conducted to support the already overwhelming anecdotal evidence that exists to support ionisation.

Our files at Bionic Products bulge with letters from satisfied Elanra owners, telling of relief from breathing and sleep problems, migraines and such diverse issues as chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances and the side effects of chemotherapy.

On a lighter note, some have even mentioned that their pets seem to enjoy the effects of ionisation, going out of their way to ‘park’ themselves near the ioniser when it is turned on.

Hyperactivity and Ionisation

One intriguing letter was from a schoolteacher who took special classes for children with ADD and ADHD. She took her ioniser to the classroom one day as she had a cold and didn’t want to infect the students. She wrote “I had the best day ever with those kids,” telling how much quieter they were and how much more readily they concentrated on their lessons.

This was the first of several such letters we have received from families with hyperactive children, who have found that Elanra’s ions have a positive effect on negative behaviour.

As well as inducing deeper sleep, the extra oxygen generated by an Elanra ioniser in the bedroom is good news for people with breathing problems.

Only recently, a Channel 7 news report told how overseas research had discovered a link between sleep apnea and an increased risk of death from cancer, due to reduced oxygen intake.

Sleep apnea is already recognised as a risk factor for heart attack and stroke, so anything than potentially increases the body’s intake of oxygen during the night must be considered a benefit.

Ions for Travellers

I’ve always thought there are situations where ionisation would be beneficial but simply isn’t practical and this led me to develop a portable version of the Elanra.

Able to operate on mains or battery power, this machine has proved invaluable to travellers both in Australia and overseas. On board aircraft, the small negative ions of oxygen supplement the poor air quality while eliminating airborne bacteria, plus there is a definite lessening of jet lag symptoms after landing.

In a motor vehicle, the negative ions keep the atmosphere clean and fresh, reduce the effects of static electricity build-up and help drivers stay alert and focused.

This has proven especially useful for long-haul truck drivers. When you arrive at your destination, the Elanra Portable can be plugged into mains power to ensure a good night’s rest. I designed a complete kit so that the ioniser comes with a 9v battery and adapters to operate from any power point at any voltage in the world.
As the only genuine therapeutic ioniser on the market, able to generate a programmable stream of small negative oxygen ions, Elanra has been fully tested and certified for electrical safety internationally.

Unlike other ionisers, it doesn’t emit dangerous ozone or electrical fields and has even been approved for use in hospitals.

To learn more about the benefits of Elanra and ionisation in general, you can visit our website at or phone Bionic Products’ toll-free line: 1-800-074-844

About the Author

Joshua Shaw is the Managing Director of Bionic Products Pty Ltd. He has been intimately involved in researching, designing and distributing Ionisers since 1967. With the knowledge and experience gained over many years, he has taken negative ion technology to a new dimension.

With persistence, vision and dedication, Mr Shaw developed the ELANRA Medical Ioniser, an Ioniser combining his award-winning technology and incorporating many enhancements never before available. These innovations are now protected by Patents.

This work has brought Joshua Shaw into close collaboration with the world’s leaders in the field, including research pioneer Albert Krueger, Walter Stark, Igho Kornblueh of the University of Pennsylvania, Felix G Sulman of Israel, C.A. Laws, and Robert Beck, the father of electromedicine

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