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The Truth About Medical Cannabis

Did you know that there are over 250,000 patients in Australia who desperately want to use medical cannabis?

These are people suffering from conditions such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, addiction, pain, seizures, nausea, ADD/ADHD, arthritis, inflammation, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, cancer, migraine, menopause problems, digestive issues and many, many more. Check out these videos.

And did you also know that only 180 people have gone through the “proper channels” to access medical cannabis so far?

It’s not surprising given what is involved. Every state has its own hurdles but in NSW:

  • First, you need to find a doctor who supports their patients’ use of medical cannabis. This is difficult as doctors are not educated on the subject.
  • The AMA says it supports the use of medical cannabis in certain circumstances but it does not support their member doctors prescribing it and thus have been slow to support practitioner education and awareness.
  • A GP cannot prescribe it without the written support of the specialist, so you require two doctors’ support.
  • Doctors also fear potential impacts on their insurance.
  • Assuming you find a doctor to prescribe and a specialist in support, then you have to apply to the TGA for permission. As I understand this is the least difficult and onerous step.
  • Once the TGA approves use, you then need to apply to your state Health Department for permission and again here you face a whole raft of hurdles as, while on the surface states support the idea of helping patients, they are slow moving on agreeing to the use of medical cannabis.
  • Assuming you clear these hurdles you then have to find a registered importer who can source the product for you. This is almost impossible as they aren’t allowed to advertise.

The extreme difficulty of the above is exactly why I have been recommending people source the form of medical cannabis that doesn’t get you high (cannabidiol (CBD) oil) directly from a reputable supplier in the US and import it via the mail in small quantities.

But, understandably, I have received numerous questions about whether such parcels get through and any possible implications.

Here’s the truth about this:

Tens of thousands of small parcels arrive into Australia each day via the postal system and courier services such as FedEx.

In a very small number of cases, parcels are chosen randomly and opened to check if the contents are allowable imports.

If so, the parcel is resealed and sent on its way.

If not, the parcel is confiscated, a Seizure Notice Form B511 is sent to the addressee and the contents destroyed unless an appeal is lodged within 30 days.

But if you would like to order some Canntica CBD oil you can do so with confidence since they label and send it in such a way that it definitely gets through to people in need in Australia and New Zealand.

And since Canntica orders are fully tracked, in the very unlikely event that the parcel didn’t get through, the company will either send a replacement order or refund your money.

In addition, we have already proven the reliability using this supplier as we know of well over 300 people in Australia (including a couple of lawyers!) who have ordered Canntica CBD oil this way and received their product quickly and safely. Many of them have also told us how they are already getting great benefits from it.

You can also choose to see prices and pay in Australian dollars which gives you certainty and avoids exchange fees.

Plus, most orders qualify for FREE airmail shipping which is trackable and only takes about 1 to 2 weeks to get to you. The prices are very competitive as they have some really attractive deals and bulk discounts – go to or see their BEST DEAL for the most cost effective option.


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