Quotes for Prosperity by Ian Hewitt

You Can’t Get Wealthy In Your Pocket
Until You Get Wealthy In Your Mind

Quotes for Prosperity

Just published – a new manual for life called “Quotes for Prosperity: 369 Insights to Inspire Happiness & Success”

For just $24.95 this book may hold the key to your wealth. It contains hundreds of success ideas from the best minds in history but there are also entertaining little pearls that will have you smiling all day. It’s your daily dose of joy and success, wrapped in a 201 page loveable book for reference, meditation and simple enjoyment.

“This great book has the uncanny ability to guide me to open it at exactly the right quote, for whatever challenge I`m facing. We can always learn something from these great men and women.”
-Brad Holmes – Entertainer –

“Ian Hewitt is a pioneer. His ideas are timely, hilarious and often profound.”
-John Taylor – Bassist –

“This profound book makes you smile as you ponder.”
-Dr John Loomis (New York)
“Thanks so much for putting together “Insights to Inspire Happiness and Success” It’s a great collection of quotes from around the world and through the ages and never fails to bring a smile to my face or spur me into action. A great book for anyone looking for a daily dose of wisdom.”
-Marie Broderick – Springfield, New Zealand

“What fantastic coffee table book for our reception area and addition to any home bookshelf. Thanks again for taking the time to collate this book for all to enjoy. An absolute winner.”
-Simon Locke – Owner –

“Everyone is helped by learning some things the hard way, but modern research indicates that we often learn best if we experience pleasure while we are learning. I predict you will learn many important things from the Quotes in this book of Ian’s, and that you will remember very well what you learn, because you enjoyed reading the book so much.”
-Dr Neil Beck ( )

Prosperity CD

This wonderful book sells on for US$24.95 plus shipping (see here) BUT we can offer it to you for just A$24.95 with bonus “Prosperity CD” and FREE shipping, click here.

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Finding Life’s Passion, From the Best-Selling Series: Wake Up…Live the Life You Love



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If you think no one has ever been through what you are experiencing, perhaps you should read this book.

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If you think your greatest hopes are merely illusions, it is definitely time for you to learn how others found pasion and, with it, realised their dreams.

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