Ultimate 28-Day Detox

Nobel Prize Winning Scientist reveals…

“Death Begins In The Colon…”

Dear Earth Star Client and Friend,

If you’re interested in living a long, youthful, healthy, vibrant life, this will be one of the most important messages you will ever read. Here is why…

Westminster Abbey is the most famous church in England. It was started in 170 A.D. That means, this famous church is more than 1,800 years old. It is a work of architectural genius, a place of daily worship and the burial place of kings, statesmen, poets, scientists, warriors and musicians.


This Church Has A Secret That Can Keep You Young And Healthy For A VERY Long Period Of Time!

Here’s the story:

Inside this church are vaults and monuments of many of the most famous and powerful people on earth. However, one of the small burial places in that church is the final resting place of the oldest person who ever lived.

His name was Thomas Parr and he was born in the County of Salopp, England in 1483 A.D. And, he lived until November, 1635 A.D. That means…

…He Lived 152 Years!

Not only did Thomas Parr live a very long life, he also lived a very healthy, vigorous and active life. He married his first wife when he was 80-years old. He married again in 1605 at the age of 122. He fathered his first child when he was over 130 years old.

After Parr’s death, an English doctor named William Harvey (he discovered the circulation of blood) was hired by King Charles to perform an autopsy to find out why Thomas Parr lived so long.

Dr. Harvey’s autopsy report was written in Latin and, it has been preserved to this very day in case anybody wants to read it. It says all of Parr’s organs were in perfect condition and, his colon was as clean and healthy as that of a child! Have you ever heard this expression?

“Death Begins In The Colon!”

That statement comes from a Russian scientist, Elie Metchnikoff, who won the Nobel Prize and it is very true!

There’s no getting around it, if you want to live a long and healthy life… the most important thing you can do is… make SURE you have a clean and healthy colon.

Have you ever wondered if your body is as clean on the inside as it is on the outside?

We shower or bathe every day.
We brush our teeth on a daily basis.
Most of us shampoo our hair every day, too.

We even have manicures and pedicures to make sure our fingernails and toenails are clean and attractive. But most of us fail to make sure our insides are clean… until… we develop some symptoms or a disease which gives us a wake-up call.

The truth is, our digestive tract (especially the colon) is the “sewer system” of our body. If we are to enjoy good health, that system requires regular cleaning.

If you suffer from:

* Tiredness * “BRAIN FOG” * Headaches * Constipation * Bloating * Bad breath * Inability to lose weight * Allergies * Cellulite * Low energy * Fluid retention * Skin rashes * Blemishes & acne * Red, itchy eyes * Chronic ill health for which the doctor cannot find a cause…

…it’s almost certain you have an “unclean” and toxic colon. In fact, a toxic colon probably contributes to almost every disease suffered by the human race.

Why A Clean Colon Is So Important!

We are all exposed to thousands of toxins and unhealthy chemicals on a daily basis. We take them in from the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the medications we take.

These toxins and dangerous chemicals, along with the “typical” Australian diet lead to poor digestion, constipation, weight gain, low energy, headaches, and many other maladies. Believe it or not, autopsies reveal the colons of 80% of people who have passed away, are clogged up with up to 7 kilograms of waste material!!!

This material becomes toxic to their entire body. It causes what doctors call “autointoxication.” Poisons and waste that should be removed from your colon are then reabsorbed back into your bloodstream.

As Dr. Bernard Jensen (a pioneer in this area of health) put it: “The heavy mucus coating in the colon thickens and becomes a host of putrefaction. The blood capillaries to the colon begin to pick up the toxins, poisons and noxious debris as it seeps through the bowel wall. All tissues and organs of the body are now taking on toxic substances. Here is the beginning of true autointoxication on a physiological level.”

A toxic colon is the culprit behind many health problems. Encrusted faeces lining the colon wall can prevent the colon from properly absorbing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Additionally, the constant exposure to toxic sludge leaks into the bloodstream.

If you’re not having at least two healthy bowel movements a day, you’re not functioning at 100%. Even if you aren’t chronically constipated, your colon may be trapping several days’ worth of meals. A host of seemingly unrelated problems may result: urinary discomfort, poor blood circulation, joint and lower back discomfort, to name a few. A slow transit time causes your food and waste to putrefy and invites bad bacteria. This sets up conditions that can triple your risk of further health problems.

But the good news is, now there is an easy way to free your body of all the excess waste material, and accumulated toxins! That’s because we have developed a highly-effective and completely safe internal cleansing program. It’s called The Ultimate 28-Day Detox Program.

This program will get rid of toxic build-up of waste material in your ENTIRE digestive tract. You’ll no longer suffer from the effects of getting clogged up with mucous, toxins and metabolic waste.

This formula not only keeps your colon clean, it also keeps all waste matter moving freely, efficiently and rapidly out of your body. It breaks down and removes toxic waste matter which may have been stuck in the folds and wrinkles of your digestive system for possibly decades.

With The Ultimate 28-Day Detox Program you DON’T have to fast or even follow a different diet (although we give you dietary guidelines in case you want to maximise every possible benefit). You don’t have to be near a bathroom all the time. And you don’t have to give yourself enemas or go for colonic irrigations either. Our system is very gentle and you’ll develop your own predictable cycle in a couple days.

You should also know…

A Clean Colon Is The First Step To Flattening Your Stomach!

Cleansing your colon acts like a “reset switch”, restoring balance and proper function to your digestive system. With a clean healthy colon, bloating due to gas from delayed digestion goes away. Your stomach feels firmer and noticebly flatter.

You will find that you have more energy. That’s because your system will more efficiently convert the food you eat into usable energy. Which means you can eat less to satisfy the calorie count you need each day. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy clearer, healthier skin.

And the truth is, keeping your colon clean just might give you a chance to live a long and healthy life… just like… Thomas Parr.

Here’s what you get when you order The Ultimate 28-Day Detox Program:

A complete, easy to use 28-day Program for internally cleansing and detoxifying your body. The system includes six specially formulated components that work in harmony with your body to achieve rapid (but gentle) results:

#1 Lower Bowel Stimulant 425mg (100 capsules)
A combination to assist in the relief of occasional constipation, formulated with added herbs to reduce “griping”. The herbs including Cascara and Buckthorn in this formula assist peristalsis and help tone relaxed muscles of the digestive system. Ginger and Capsicum are included for their calming, warming and antispasmodic properties.

#2 Psyllium Hulls Combination 375mg (Oral Powder)
This formula contains Hibiscus Flowers and Liquorice that can support the eliminative function of the bowel. Liquorice has a number of properties, including expectorant, demulcent, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory.

#3 Aloe Vera Juice 946ml (Oral Liquid)
Aloe Vera Juice is made from the inner leaf gel of the Aloe Vera plant, providing soothing qualities for the gastrointestinal system, without the laxative effects. Aloe Vera juice helps maintain healthy acid/alkaline pH balance in the digestive tract.

#4 Hydrated Bentonite 946ml (Oral Liquid)
Bentonite is clay rich in minerals derived from volcanic ash. Therapeutically, when taken internally this liquid clay supports the intestinal system in the elimination of unwanted toxins due to its ability to draw toxins from the colon wall ready for elimination.

#5 Liquid Chlorophyll 473ml (Oral Liquid)
Chlorophyll helps cleanse the body and assist the elimination of toxins as well as alkalising the body. The body naturally works best at a slightly alkaline pH. Liquid Chlorophyll is extracted from a natural plant source then flavoured with spearmint oil.

#6 Epsom Salts infused with Special Essential Oils for Detox Bath (400gm)
When dissolved in warm water it is absorbed through the skin and replenishes the level of magnesium in the body, drawing toxins from the body, sedating the nervous system, reducing swelling and relaxing muscles. This effect is enhanced by the addition of pure essential oils that also assist the detoxification process.

Plus, you’ll receive special Dietary Guidelines to help you maximise the effectiveness of the detox. You’ll discover what to eat — and perhaps more importantly, what to avoid.

And Here’s A FREE Surprise Gift For
Ordering In The Next 10 Days…

Bonus Special Report: “Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger”, valued at $14.95

This valuable report includes loads of valuable secrets such as…

  • The two things in your kitchen that are commonly thrown away that you can use to improve your health today.
  • What you can think about for just 5 minutes that will boost your immune system for 7 hours or more!
  • The BIG mistake men over 50 make that can ruin their sex life.
  • What you must NOT take when you are taking a multi-vitamin.

And here’s a final piece of great news!

Your “You Can’t Lose” 100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to have plenty of time to experience The Ultimate 28-day Detox Program and discover for yourself how great it feels to have the energy, zest for life, and peace of mind that comes from being truly clean inside.

If you’re dissatisfied with your results, if you honestly do not experience any improvement to your well being, you can return the unused portion (or even empty bottles) to us within 8 weeks and we will cheerfully issue you a full refund.
Don’t Wait, Do It Now!

The Ultimate 28-day Detox Program is just $167 plus $10 shipping, total $177 and to make it as easy as possible, you can split this over a very affordable $37 per month for five months (split payments on Visa/Mastercard/Amex only). That’s just 46c a day on an annual basis!

Listen… you can keep feeling drained, carry on suffering with a poor complexion and feeling bloated…but why put yourself through that? Your health is precious, and you deserve better.

Think about all the years you have left to live. Do you really want 20, 30 years worth of toxins in your system when you can start eliminating them today? You know that they really cannot be good for you. But now you have a choice — a chance to be clear the toxins from your system and have a healthier life like Thomas Parr did. You’ll feel truly alive again with boundless energy, good digestion, clear thinking and improved health.

Just imagine that.

And in the unlikely event that The Ultimate 28-day Detox Program doesn’t do all we say, you won’t be out of pocket. Because if the Ultimate 28-day Detox Program does not help you you’ll get your money back. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone did business this way?

I urge you to act now to start on your journey to better health today by calling us on 1300 85 30 95 or clicking on the “Add to Cart” image below today.

To Your Inner Health!

Alan Hewitt
Director, Earth Star and Proven Health Solutions

PS Look, there are products on the market that claim to help detox more dramatically and in less time but to me, the difference between those and our Ultimate 28-day Detox Program is like the difference between a rough, cursory wipe-down and a thorough but gentle “spring clean”! After all, if you need to get rid of up to 7 kilos of waste material, your need a total solution. And you really do get what you pay for.

PPS Remember, with my 100% guaranteed refund you have nothing to lose by at least trying The Ultimate 28-day Detox Program. However, you’ll need to act quickly to get in on this offer to get the “Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger” bonus special report so order now on 1300 85 30 95.

Boost Your Digestive and Overall Health From the Inside Out!

The Ultimate 28-Day Detox Program may help to:

  • Improve digestive function… and better elimination of wastes and toxins in the body.
  • Reduce the incidence of constipation, gas, bloating and indigestion
  • May experience weight loss.
  • Reduce colds, mucous congestion and coughs.
  • Improve the appearance of skin and clearing up of skin irritations.
  • Give more energy, vitality and overall improved health.


What Other Are Saying About
The Ultimate 28-Day Detox Program

I approached the detox with enthusiasm (unusual for me), I felt bloated and a bit irritable for first week, and a bit bratty cause I dont like “sacrifice”. I did allow myself my morning “cuppa” (making it safe to approach me in the morning), and after a week or so when I started to fantasise about meat, I introduced a small amount of cheese, gluten free bread, fish (as allowed), and some wine on the weekend (naughty). Even though I didnt follow it religiously, I felt lighter, lost the bloat and was , honestly quite surprised at myself for my diligence. Meanwhile I was dreaming about Xmas day and being “normal”. Measured and weighed myself 3 weeks into the detox and I had lost 3kg and even more importantly 5cm all over – I had been doing my 30 min. Gym workout religiously 5-6 days a week. On day 27 XMAS day arrived with permission from above to GO TO TOWN, so I did – ham, turkey, pork, baked potatoes etc, chockies and cake, good champas and wine! Thought I would feel awful but felt ok and heavy. On holidays for 2 weeks and healthy eating sunk to the bottom of the ladder. Back at work for two days and guess what? Am starting all over again – because it made me feel better and stronger. Thanks, Melinda Stewart, NSW

It was great.I had no problem with it and although I wasn’t completely strict with what i ate , I still gained great results. I lost 5 kilos without even trying and lost 10 cm around my waist which was where I wanted to lose it. I am only an average healthy weight so I didn’t need to lose anymore otherwise I would be underweight. It was easy to cut out the not so good foods. I feel clearer lighter much more healthier and I know my body is very thankful for it. I still have some of the detox left after 4 weeks and will probably use the rest for a mini detox after Xmas. I will definitely recommend it as a great detox to my friends and I would certainly do it again. Thank you very much for introducing it to me. Cheers, Michelle Barsby, QLD

I absolutely loved the detox experience! Had never done a detox previously, I have lost 3 kgs weight, given up coffee habit, feel more energetic, healthy, relaxed. Able to exercise with increased motivation and for extended amount of time, additional 15 minutes. I am continuing most of eating suggestions from detox, found detox very easy to follow and maintain. Very impressed and happy. Lee Dalton, WA

I work as a consultant teaching Lean and Six Sigma in commercial environment and as I only had one day of work booked for Jan it worked out well. I stuck to the programme with one exception, I skipped the bowel caps on the day I worked. Much of the day is spent either in a training session or in a plane/taxi. Sure I need not expand…. I attempted the diet and stuck to it rather well. Not a drop of alcohol, meat, eggs or bread etc. There were probably a few ignorant indescretions but I wanted the most earnest attempt made practicable. I was gifted a juicer for xmas so that came in very handy as breakfast was fresh carrot, apple and ginger juice. I made an effort to work up a good sweat most days, had a friend who needs firewood for the winter and found a bloke who had some logs on his section he was happy to have removed which involved carrying the rounds up a steep hill. Win-win. Win. Headaches (which I frequently suffer anyway) plagued me day 5 and 7 in particular. The great thing about the dietary requirements is that for an unhealthy eater like me, we are forced to experiment with new foods and because the programme takes 28 days it actually forms new habits. The lemon drink followed by juice will be another regular breakfast going forward. My main concern was the way my insides felt and the effect they were having on my circumference. On Jan 11 I weighed 88kg (194lb) and the fattest part of my middrift was 103 cm (41in). I’m 6 foot, but reasonably lightly built, for example, my chest is only 109cm (43in), I was horrified to realise it was only 2 inches bigger than my gut! Today, 28 days later I remain 6 foot, which I would expect is normal 😉 but now only weigh 80kg and the same part of my middle is now 90cms. I’m sure you need no help with the maths but almost 18 pounds in 28 days, 9% of my original weight – is pretty pleasing. My goal is to get down to about 75kg and a stomach of about 85cm so well on the way.
Regards, Lloyd Murphy, NZ

I have completed the detox and followed the healthy eating plan also. From the 2nd week on i started to feel great, like i could go outside and do cart wheels although i probably couldn’t manage one. The bloating around my mid section disappeared and my skin also became clearer. Alot of people have been commenting on how well i look. I enjoyed the detox and found it a challenge as i had to re think my usual choices. It made me realise how lucky we are to be able to go down to the shops and basically by any type of food we like or the ingredients to be able to cook whatever food we feel like. The detox got me back to basics forcing me to think more about where food comes from. Since completion I still continue to eat fresh foods and enjoy the feeling of wellness. Thankyou. Regards, Joanne Field, Vic

I finished the Detox Program just in time for Christmas. It was very worthwhile. I will probably repeat it at some time in the future. I was not overweight to begin with but lost about 4 kg much of which I think came off the gut. I have been suffering from chronic back pain for many years, as well as a neck syndrome caused by a congenital condition, and go to a chiropractor on average at least once a week. For nine months of the last year I have been on an exercise program (Pilates studio) under a physiotherapist. This has helped with the lower back condition. However, the problem has been maintaining the benefits of chiropractic and other treatment. There has been an improvement in this regard of late and I put this down to the clean out of the colon wall reducing the pull or pressure on the lumbar spine. My chiropractor has noticed more stability in the lumbar spine with both the Pilates and the detox. He also points out that there will be other benefits such as better absorption of water. It is still early days to assess the full benefits. I will be having blood samples taken next week and it will be interesting to see if there are any positive changes in cholesterol and liver function tests. Regards, Geoff Orr, WA

Just a quick note to say thank you, and how much I enjoyed the 28 day detox program. I finished it last Monday, I will say the first 4 days were a little difficult with no coffee etc, but after my body became accustomed to my new diet, it got a lot easier. I really do feel a heap better from doing it , I think more clearly, my wife says my face , skin and eyes look a lot healthier and I wasn’t trying to lose weight but I have dropped just under 4kgs. So just wanted to say Thank you. Rod Cousins, NSW

I’ve finished the detox and I feel wonderful! The first week was a bit hard but after that I got right into it and it was no problem at all. In the meantime I lost 6 kgs but my overall feeling of wellbeing far surpassed and weight loss. Anne Doran, Vic

Frequently Asked Questions About
The Ultimate 28-Day Detox Program

Q: What benefits can I expect from doing the Program?

A: Once you eliminate all the toxic build up in your colon, your body has a much better chance of healing itself and getting much better absorbtion of your food and the nutritional supplements you take. The flow on effects of this are potentially many and varied but would include:

  • Improved digestion function and better elimination of wastes and toxins in the body.
  • Reduction in the incidence of constipation, gas, bloating and indigestion.
  • Easier weight loss.
  • Reduced colds, mucous congestion and coughs.
  • Improved appearance of skin and clearing up of skin irritations.
  • Enhanced mental functioning.
  • More energy, vitality and overall improved health.

Q: Do I need to follow a special diet or fast?

No, you’ll get very good results even if you don’t change your diet at all. However, you will get the best possible results if you try to comply as much as possible to the Guidelines we include with the Program.

Q: How do I know the Program will work for me?

A: The simple answer… is… try it and see for yourself! If you don’t feel truly alive again with boundless energy, have complete digestion and elimination, clear thinking and improved health, just send the partly or totally empty containers back for a full refund. Remember, you have eight weeks to test it out and really put it through its paces.

Q: What do I get with the Program?

1 x Lower Bowel Stimulant 425mg (100 capsules)

1 x Psyllium Hulls Combination 375mg (Powder)

1 x Aloe Vera Juice 946ml (Oral Liquid)

1 x Hydrated Bentonite 946ml (Oral Liquid)

1 x Liquid Chlorophyll 473ml (Oral Liquid)

1 x Epsom Salts Infused with Essential Oils 400g

1 x Special Dietary Guidelines

Q: How long will delivery take?

We send the Program (which weighs over 3.5 kilos)by Australian Air Express (signed courier) which means you would normally have it within 2 to 3 working days from the day we process your order.

Q: Is it safe to be on the Program if I’m taking prescription medication?

A: If you are taking prescription medication, consult your doctor or chemist before starting the Program or taking any other dietary supplement for that matter.

Q: What if I’m not satisfied with the results?

A: If you are not satisfied with the program for any reason, we’ll happily refund your entire purchase price, no-questions asked, up to eight weeks after purchase. Just return the unused portion or empty bottles and we will refund your purchase price. And the complimentary bonuses are yours to keep.

Q: Is it safe to be on the Program if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: It would not generally be a good idea to do the Program while pregnant or breastfeeding due to the release of toxins. However, it would be ideal to use the Program a few months prior to conception as this may benefit fertility and the health of the resulting child.

Q: I’m on a tight budget. Can I share this with my spouse and both just do 14 days each?

Yes, although it’s not optimal, two people could use the program for 14 days each, rather than 28 days. You won’t get the full benefit but it will still certainly help you.

Q: Will I get bowel cramps and have to go to the toilet urgently?

The whole program is very gentle and the urges to go to the toilet can easily be managed by the dose you use of the Lower Bowel Stimulant ie, one or two capsules per day. In any case, the urges are gentle and do not cause the painful cramping that some laxatives do.

Q: Is the Program suitable for children?

A: No, it’s not recommended for children under 15 years of age.

Q: Does the Program comply with Australian standards for therapeutic goods?

A: Yes, each of the products that are taken internally comply with these standards.

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ian lewis February 2, 2012 at 11:30 AM

found the information of interest but I keep fit and well and dont have a problem

Jan February 21, 2012 at 8:39 AM

Am on restricted diet by nutritionist so detoxing is out at moment

Dominic February 22, 2012 at 10:55 PM

Wonderful article and I am really very helpful thank you

Jude Watkins March 8, 2012 at 11:18 PM

I am interested in trying the detox program, but at present have other financial priorities that make it unaffordable. I am on a disability pension and work casually to supplement my income, and will certainly consider your program at a later date. As it is I live well and eat organic foods with focus on fruit and veg, and dont suffer a lot of health issues,
regards, Jude

Jasmine July 19, 2012 at 1:48 PM

My husband would like to try this program but can you tell me if this program is suitable for someone who suffers from diverticulitis? Thank you.

Alan Hewitt July 25, 2012 at 8:06 AM

Hi Jasmine,

It may be but best that he checks with his doctor first.

Warm regards,