The 5 Best Detox Methods Ever

by Alan Hewitt on August 28, 2013

Here are the five detox methods that I use, four of them every day and the other every six months or so.

1. Tongue Scraping

The yellow or white coating of the tongue is an accumulation of bacteria and food debris which should be cleansed out. Normal tooth brushing and flossing does not erease this plaque which is usually more severe in the back of the tongue.

Bacteria and toxic debris produce a bad breath and it is said to increase tooth decay. And even more, researches have indicated that these bacteria in the mouth may also contribute to heart problems and other diseases.

Cleaning the tongue releases bad breath in the morning and helps in aleviating halitosis altogether.

Doing it on a regular basis enhances the sense of taste in the mouth.

It should be done on a regular basis once every day. The best time to do it is in the morning or after a longer sleep. You do it first thing after waking up, before drinking anything and before breakfast.

Source: your local pharmacy or online.

2. Oil Pulling

Over the night unhealthy bacteria and germs build up in the mouth which can have a negative impact on the whole body. Swishing oil removes these harmful substances.

Further, swishing stimmulates saliva production which then mixes with the oil. It is said, that way it also pulls out toxins from the blood which circulate through the membranes of the mouth.

Many reports are around that it has helped with ailments as diverse as restless sleep, headaches, migraines, arthritis, teeth and gum problems, sinus infections and eczema to name a few.

Those are astonishing results for such a simple method as it is. Not everybody may get those amazing effects. Some of the above health problems may have been cured with a combination of oil therapy and other natural treatments.

Since it does not cost much and is easy to do, it is well worth a try any way. You may experience an overall health improvement. It has no side effect, except one. It is said to have a whitening effect on the teeth as well.

Two oils are traditionally recommended: sunflower oil or sesame oil. Personally I use coconut oil. Other oils like olive oil seem not to be as effective or do not work at all. Whichever oil you choose, it should be cold pressed. Using an organic oil is not necessary but sure, it would be even better.

The practice must be done on an empty stomach. You have to do it every day at least once. The best time is in the morning before breakfast. You can do it up to 3 times a day, if you think you need it, but always on an empty stomach.

Take one tablespoon of oil in your mouth. Move the oil around your mouth. Pull and swish the oil through your teeth. Do it for 15 to 20 minutes without swallowing it.

The oil mixes with the saliva and turns into a white and thin liquid. When time is up, spit it out and rinse your mouth intensely with warm water and then brush your teeth.

Generally, many people feel already first signs of progress after a few days. It really depends on your general health conditions. As it is with many other treatments and cures, the more severe the health problems are, the longer they take to be healed.

Source: health food store for cold-pressed sunflower, sesame or coconut oil or online.

3. Zinc

It is important to have a generally healthy mineral base. Enzymes have certain binding sites that require a metal for them to perform their function as a catalyst.

When you are deficient in zinc, the body does not let go of the toxic metals very easily.

Many people in Australia have toxic levels of copper in particular and the best way to reduce copper is by taking extra zinc every day.

Source: health food store or online.

4. Cellgevity: How to Spring Clean Every Cell in Your Body

This is the flagship detox product that I take every day as it contains a combination of 12 very powerful detoxification ingredients in 4 therapeutic doses.

In particular, it boosts the body’s main detox enabling anti-oxidant, glutathione.

Ingredients: RiboCeine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Broccoli Seed Extract, Turmeric, Resveratrol, Grape Seed Extract, Milk Thistle, Vitamin C, Selenium, Cordyceps, Black Pepper extract (bioperine), Aloe Extract.

Source and extra info: online or call 1300 55 20 95

5. The Ultimate 28 Day Detox

Whilst detoxes 1 to 4 above help you deal with what’s already in the body, this detox not only does this, but to helps stop more toxicity entering via the colon.

It’s also not something you do continually, but every six to twelve months.

It’s a very comprehensive colon detox that is super effective because it removes all or most of the caked on contents of the bowel that is rotting and pouring toxins continually into the bloodstream.

Source and extra info: online, video presentation or call 1300 55 20 95.

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