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by Alan Hewitt on August 22, 2012

By Natalie Ledwell
August 22, 2012

I remember the days in Sydney, when my husband, Glen and I felt helpless. We literally had no idea how we would pay our bills. Every day felt like a struggle between fear and hope.

We had businesses and mortgages that needed to be tended to and there was nothing left for us to give. We’d reached that place where there was no choice but to make a change. We couldn’t keep doing the same things because they were only bringing the same unfulfilling results.

It was at that time that our current partner, Ryan, told us about the concept of Mind Movies. The idea of creating a digital vision board that I could watch and listen to was fascinating.

Something that I could look at every day for just a few minutes that would help program my brain to attract everything I desired was nothing short of amazing to me.

It made sense that this could work. But, there was a problem: we knew nothing about the Internet, let alone how to do business on it. I wasn’t even sure I could make a Mind Movie.

Glen’s entire resume of experience in computers ended at sending two emails. I, myself, took pride in being able to turn on the computer and compose a Word document.

Beyond that, we were complete amateurs. That’s why it was quite a shock when we said yes to Ryan’s proposition of developing this software and creating a business. At this point, we had nothing to lose, so we took the risk.

As we got into it, we really began to question whether we were crazy or not. Here we were, starting an Internet business with absolutely no experience.

Why were we doing this? The truth was that we believed in our product so strongly, and this was our path to getting it out and seen. We were committed. But, the commitment didn’t come without stumbling blocks.

In order to make this business a reality, we needed to be in the right environment with the people that could help our business. We took the plunge and left our friends, family and obligations and moved from Sydney to California. It was a lot to swallow, and it was scary!

There we were in a foreign country, trying to grow an empire out of something we knew nothing about. The first six months showed us more emotions than we even knew we were capable of having.

Not only were we just trying to survive, we were trying to build something at the same time. We were literally learning everything from scratch. The stress levels were dreadful.

We stayed up late every night learning the ins and outs behind the software and the business. Glen woke up each morning to the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard, furiously writing away after just a few hours of sleep. We had to make this a success.

At this time, we plainly had no money to live; we only had our credit cards. We raised huge debts within six months surviving off of credit, trying to keep things afloat.

There would be high moments of hope that were quickly shot down by intense feelings of fear when bills had to be paid and we needed to eat. But, we were determined. We had set an intention and it would have to completely take us down before we would quit.

One thing we learned about computers and software during this process was that they were programmed to operate a specific way. The output was based on the internal programming.

We knew the purpose of Mind Movies and if it was to work for everyone else, it needed to first work for us. The only way to change our productivity and get past the stress and fear was to reprogram our internal drive.

We each made our own movies and we watched our movies every day. That’s when the thoughts and actions started to change. We reprogrammed our minds to operate from positive thoughts instead of the negative beliefs we were running off of for so many years.

There is, indeed, a battle in our mind that happens between negative and positive thoughts. Setting the intention alone and staying persistent with it, allowed us to welcome opportunity.

Creating the visualizations for the positive intention with our movies opened the door to our subconscious minds to see and experience the feeling that accompanies the positive thoughts. Once we started the process, the manifesting happened quickly because we effectively reprogrammed our minds with new beliefs.

Yes, looking back, we definitely endured a grueling time, but we reached the place we needed to be in order to thrive.

Today, we have a flourishing Internet software company and have become experts in the business of Internet marketing. In fact, we have accomplished a life much grander than we ever visualized. We designed our life and we continue to do so. That’s the power of the mind that we all have.

About the Author

A celebrated speaker and author, Ledwell is also the co-founder of San Diego-based Mind Movies, a personal development company dedicated to helping others bring the full power of visualization and the Law of Attraction into their lives.

Over 900,000 people worldwide have already received Ledwell’s free pre-made Mind Movies, which are dynamic, moving video vision boards that help users visualize and achieve their goals faster and easier than they ever thought possible.

To find out more about Mind Movies and download 6 free pre-made Mind Movies, click here.

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